Rina Ellis interview

Added December 28, 2017

Nice interview with very much talkative Rina Ellis made before her scene shot.

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Rina Ellis



Haha I hear you Ramon, I was lucky enough to be there, when this interview happened, and I was just fascinated!


Now is time for Rina Ellis to share with us many things about her. In fact, this was a long interview and she is a good talker and she after giving lots of details about her just in three minutes, she admits she likes to talk. But even it was a long video I felt it went fast because Rina is an interesting and smart girl. She was in underwear and my eyes were looking at her face all the time except when she pinched one of her boobs. I also sense more than ever that she looks like a pretty living doll. I wonder how she looks like in person, but I'm afraid I can fall in love ;P [-Ramon VM]